I haven’t updated in a while, but I haven’t really had cool photoshoots lately. BUT, I have been shooting a lot for the Daily Bruin this week, especially since I have no midterms until next Thursday and am relatively free 🙂 Today I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures of SUSHI for prime. The writer paid for the Spider roll i ordered 🙂 So here are some shots… lucky you guys, a sneak preview. Sushi is so pretty, don’t you agree?

Spider roll - $8.95 at Tomodachi!
Here was the model. The story is about the sushi/sashimi/fushion rolls, the different ways to eat it, etc...
Tea, wasabi, and ginger.
Nom nom nom. This was taken without my flash-- see the difference in lighting? So bad!
This is the interior of Tomodachi. Very small and cozy. It was raining outside!
Light decorations.
Making sushi.
Sushi is sooo pretty!
I don't like raw fish really much.
Spicy salmon roll
California roll.